Online resources: the North Abydos Expedition

Section of a King list from the Temple of Ramesses II from Abydos. British Museum EA117 photo: Aakheperure 2016

Joining an increasing number of missions and institutions blogging and providing digital access to information online is the North Abydos Expedition, an archaeological project sponsored jointly by the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University and Princeton University.

The Expedition also has a terrific Instagram account, publishing photos and information about the hard working people involved in the Expedition and the work being carried out. You can also access the Instagram feed via the website linked below which is a neat solution for getting around some of the accessibility issues on that platform.

The blog posts images and information regarding their fieldwork, plus objects from the site that are now held elsewhere. There is also a list of other Expeditions and Projects in the vicinity, which would be useful for students of Egyptology and those wanting to learn more about the current research and activities being carried out at the site.

Originally the cult centre of Khenti-Amentiu "Foremost of the Westerners" Abydos (ꜣbḏw) is an ancient and important site in Upper Egypt. Over time the form and role of the local deity became more widely known as Osiris. It was thought that Abydos was the burial place of Osiris (the tomb of king Djer) and as such, became a desirable internment site and was a place of pilgrimage.

It's also the site of a unique and impressive temple built by 19th Dynasty ruler Seti I which was completed by his son Ramesses II.

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About - Abydos Archaeology

The purpose of archaeology is to increase and share knowledge about the human story. As a research-driven archaeological project, an important part of the Expedition's mission is the dissemination of the results of our fieldwork through our website, popular and social media, educational outreach, lectures, conferences, and academic publications.