Understanding the news: Ramesses II sat here, New Kingdom

Understanding the news: Ramesses II sat here, New Kingdom
It was important for Egyptian rulers to see and be seen from one end of the Nile to the other. Rulers often had more than one palace, but since these were usually built from mud brick and were abandoned after the death of the ruler, little archaeological evidence of these survives - although we know from pictorial evidence that they could contain a 'Window of Appearances' at which the ruler could stand and be seen.
This little platform which was discovered recently near Heliopolis is an example of a place where the ruler could sit to receive subjects, possibly to bestow gifts and observe events. A rare and fascinating find!


  1. Omg thanks, now i can understand my gramps and his weirdly insane egyptian magick adventures

  2. Grazie a tutti coloro che hanno voluto spiegarmi la reale condizione degli addetti alla costruzione delle Piramidi e degli altri Monumenti Egizi, facendo anche una distinzione tra lavoratori liberi e schiavi.
    In particolare vorrei ringraziare
    Aakheperure Merytsekhmet

  3. Giuseppe Pellegrini
    Il proprietario probabilmente avrebbe detto "No, grazie per la tua curiosità

    (The owner would probably would have said "No, thank you for your curiosity)


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