Understanding the news: THAT black sarcophagus in Alexandria

Understanding the news: THAT black sarcophagus in Alexandria
"I’m often asked to provide comment on news stories like this for television and radio. To be honest it can be quite difficult to add anything very insightful because we specialists usually have little more to go on than the very sketchy information provided in the press. We are accustomed in our own research to referring to far more detailed reports and it often feels a little unnerving being asked to comment publicly without knowing more. But that’s how it works, and we do our best."[1]

Each time I share a news story with you, I'm faced with this task, and I do it voluntarily in the interests of helping a general audience to understand what's going on in the world of Egyptology as one with some background in the field.

Some stories are more easy to comment on than others.

This particular story as reported in the mainstream media was indeed sketchy, and so burdened with hyperbole and dare I say, borderline hysteria, in the absence of any actual facts, that I found myself rather turned off about sharing it.

However, I also felt it needed to dealt with, and when I spotted this excellent piece on the topic written by Egyptologist Chris Naunton, I knew I'd finally found exactly the right article to share with you all!

Please do read it!

Click on the image/link below to visit his blog.
[1] Chris Naunton https://chrisnaunton.com/2018/08/04/that-black-sarcophagus-in-alexandria/


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