Understanding the news: new evidence of early pottery manufacture atAswan, Old Kingdom

Understanding the news: new evidence of early pottery manufacture at Aswan, Old Kingdom

Not all that 'early' on the very long scale of Egyptian history but this discovery from southern Egypt is still an important one that dates from the Fourth Dynasty (Old Kingdom).

Pottery teaches us much about technological developments, status, trade, diet and the structure of society. One of the most exciting things about pottery in Egyptology is our ability to analyse it, and the microscopic residues inside pots using modern methods which can identify clay types, recipes and in some cases even the locale of manufacture.

Pottery workshops and manufacture are known from artistic representations, (the Tomb of Rekhmire in Thebes for example).


  1. Kyllein MacKellerann Both my parents were potters, I have many fond memories of their old home made kick wheel and harbour a secret desire to make pre dynastic black topped red ware and coiled funerary pots :D

  2. So do it! I never believed how therapeutic and relaxing throwing a pot or jug on a wheel could be until I tried it on a friend's wheel. Of course my first two dozen attempts were...well..."interesting", but over time I managed to learn the art sufficiently well to get my own wheel and go shares on an electric kiln with my friend. Now I dine on unique plates with unique bowls and other containers (all home made) and sometimes I just throw something to calm myself down. As for coiled-ware,the wheel works there too, letting you move your coils for pinching and blending without having to move what you're making.
    My only problem now is disposing of some of the excess of things I've made; once it's dried too much you can't return it to the clay-pile for re-use. Anyway, like I said, do it! It's fun and relaxing!


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