EES Excavations at Abydos 1925-6 season tomb cards

EES Excavations at Abydos 1925-6 season tomb cards
The Egypt Exploration society is continuing to digitise records from early excavations in Egypt and make them available online with the help of dedicated volunteers. The tomb cards in the album linked below show the development in scientific methodology in the recording of sites and offer intriguing insights into the day to day activities of early excavators at the important site of Abydos on the west side of the Nile in Upper Egypt.
Excavators made notes of each excavation and this included sketches and records of found inscriptions in hieroglyphs and Greek.
"These tomb cards were created by the Egypt Exploration Society expeditions to Abydos during the 1925-26 field season.
The tomb cards have been scanned by Mina Ilic as part of the Society's 2016 volunteer programme."
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