Recommended reading: Nefertiti's Face: Creation of an icon, by Joyce Tyldesley

Recommended reading: Nefertiti's Face: Creation of an icon, by Joyce Tyldesley
I’ve posted about this book before, but thought you might enjoy seeing some pictures of me messing about with my fabulous tutor’s new book.
This is part of bit of a running joke I have with the author regarding images of Nefertiti after I sent her a drawing a few years ago as a gift and a bit of a joke after she enquired if I had drawn Nefertiti (see page 89 of this version). I hadn’t drawn her before, to the best of my knowledge. So using pictures of Tyldesley with the bust of Nefertiti as inspiration, I drew her. As Nefertiti.
I sent her the picture via family members who attended my graduation in my absence. Luckily she was delighted with the result.
I recently did a small sketch based on a photo I’d taken of the Bolton museum replica after graduating (again) in 2016, (see below) while my most recent sketch is probably my most recognisable version. When I saw the book cover, the idea presented itself to me immediately.
While I usually post serious scientific Egyptology goodies I thought these examples of my work as an artist with Egyptology training might be of interest.
If you are interested in ancient Egypt, then I highly recommend Tyldesley's books which are packed full of detail without talking down to the audience.
Nefertiti's Face (Amazon UK):
Nefertiti's bust:
Nefertiti (miniature):
Disclosure: I was a student of Tyldesley for 5 years. I contributed a small amount of research and a little artistic inspiration for this book. My payment was a signed copy.


  1. Aakheperure Merytsekhmet good luck in all your amazing works , i am sure all your drowings will be Woooooooooooow.

  2. Doddy Mohamed Thanks! I'm glad you liked the one from an unusual angle, it was a benefit of looking at a replica, I could photograph it differently.

    I still have a lot to do on my digital gods series, but when I eventually get it finished I might publish them in a book.
    Yes, I am still thinking about book ideas and researching publication :)


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