Getting to know queen Ankhesenpepi II, Old Kingdom

Getting to know queen Ankhesenpepi II, Old Kingdom
Linked is a simple biography of Ankhesenpepi II, wife of Pepi I, (and probable wife of Merenre I) mother of king Pepi II of the 6th Dynasty. Ankhesenpepi and her sister were nobles married to king Pepi I. Her mother Nebet appointed by Pepi I, was the first known female vizier.
Current evidence suggests that she may have married Pepi's son Merenre I following the death of her husband. When Merenre died after a short reign, her son Pepi II took the throne. Since he was too young to rule in his own right, Ankhesenpepi II ruled for him, probably with the assistance of her brother Djau who had also been a vizier.
Although her burial place has been known for some time, excavations during 2017 at Saqqara uncovered various artefacts related to this important queen, including an obelisk fragment and a fragment of a painted wooden statue. Further discoveries allow Egyptologists at Saqqara continue to improve our understanding of the Old Kingdom.
Reading assistance, breaking down the names:
Ankh es en pepi
Mer en re
Neb et


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