Aakheperure's end of year message 2017

Aakheperure's end of year message 2017
I hope you have enjoyed this year's posts, it's certainly been an exciting year in Egyptology, and it was certainly a surprise to have this Collection featured by Google and see it grow so quickly from a place where I simply put things of interest to me as a student then graduate in Egyptology to a place to share and educate a general audience about the fantastic scientific work and discoveries going on in this field.

Thank you for following this Collection and I hope you enjoyed reading, learning and discovering new things.

Wherever, you are, whatever you are celebrating and however you do it, I wish you all the best for the festive season and a safe, prosperous and peaceful New Year.

Yours in Egyptology
☥ Aakheperure

Featured artwork: Lady of the Sycamore from 2012 by me


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