Understanding the news: New discoveries at Elephantine and Kom Ombo

Understanding the news: New discoveries at Elephantine and Kom Ombo
Two interesting discoveries were announced this week by the Ministry of Antiquities.
An Egyptian mission discovered a new inscribed limestone block as part of flood mitigation work and German-Swiss group discovered a workshop.
Limestone block The block dates from the Greek Period and features the cartouche of King Philip III along with a prayer to the crocodile god Sobek. The Block is not shown in the article linked below but an image was released by the Ministry of Antiquities Press Office on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bb2KJQmBegt/?taken-by=ministry_antiquities
which shows the goddess Nekhbet above the king who is wearing the red crown of Lower Egypt.
The Workshop Two examples of axes were discovered, from the 18th Dynasty (New Kingdom) one in a design that first appeared in the earlier Second Intermediate period and was most likely used for construction, while the other is of a design that most likely originated in Syria, making it the earliest example of its type yet discovered in Egypt. The design of the imported axe is considerably different to Egyptian examples and Egyptian artisans did not adopt its unique features into their own manufacturing techniques.
"The discovery of this Syrian axe in Elephantine could add to the study of contact between Egypt and Mitanni, the North African nation's rival in Syria during the Thutmoside period."


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