Armchair Archaeology, Virtual Dig: Amara West

Armchair Archaeology, Virtual Dig: Amara West
Not everyone can have the opportunity to visit a real dig site, but advances in technology are allowing more and more people to experience and learn about sites in a non invasive and safe way. These models are also invaluable as records of sites and can be very useful to students and scholars.
The link below will take you to the E13 section of Amara West by Neal Spencer & Susie Green based on excavations carried out at the site 2009-2015. These models were made using photography rather than laser or other scanning/survey work. I think you would agree that the results achieved are very good!
Use your left mouse to rotate the view and the right mouse to change the height on your desktop. Click the numbers to read more about the features of the site.
"We revealed a fascinating history, in which industrial areas and large-scale storage facilities were converted into, and in some cases built over, with small houses. Through photogrammetry, we have created a series of 3D models for research purposes as we work towards final publication of the excavations. Here we present versions of these models optimised for the web, with features and points of interest.
The models were made by Susie Green."
You can also check out a typical ancient Egyptian house at the site:
And examine a possible ancestor bust found in the house:
More about Amara West:
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  1. Always had a love affair with Egypt. I have to get there one day. That's on my bucket list.

  2. Tina Miles in the meantime I will take you exploring online. :)


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