Understanding the news: More from Saqqara with a pyramidion of Ankhnespepy II found

Understanding the news: More from Saqqara with a pyramidion of Ankhnespepy II found
Pyramidions are the capstones of pyramids. This pyramidion is approximately 1.3m high and probably came from a satellite or smaller pyramid which would have formed part of a larger complex. The queen's original burial pyramid was discovered in 1998. The pyramidion would have originally been encased in metal foil, possibly copper.
This example is the second item believed to have originally belonged to 6th Dynasty Queen Ankhnespepy II to have been discovered in a week by a Swiss-French archaeological mission directed by Professor Philippe Collombert from the University of Geneva at the Saqqara necropolis according to the secretary-general of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, Mostafa Waziri.
"The team previously unearthed the largest obelisk fragment ever discovered from the Old Kingdom, measuring 2.5 meters tall." (see also previous post on this topic: https://plus.google.com/u/0/115474587731688985845/posts/RQCZQMrXWo9) [link to G+ post]
These are important discoveries which help us to understand more about the ancient landscape of Saqqara and its use as a burial place. They also reveal information about the power and importance of the individuals concerned and their place in ancient Egyptian society.


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  2. Laat ons iets meer weten van Egypte de oudheid daar kan ik nog wat van leren dank jewel


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