Understanding the news: another tiny treasure from Amarna, New Kingdom

Understanding the news: another tiny treasure from Amarna, New Kingdom
The city of Akhenaten (Tell el-Amarna) near present day Minya now lies largely in ruins, but careful scientific excavations for the last 40 years led by Egyptologists like Barry Kemp from Cambridge University, are still yielding exciting finds and information about a short but significant period in Egypt's history.
This tiny gypsum head of the king was found in the first hall of the Great Aten Temple in Tel El-Amarna according to secretary-general of the Supreme Council of Antiquities Mostafa Waziri.
The city was custom built on a new site as the home of the new state cult of the Aten during the reign of Akhenaten, then abandoned following the restoration of the previous cults of the state gods after his death.
For more information about Amarna: http://www.amarnaproject.com/


  1. علي الرغم من انني مولع بدراسة التاريخ وبالاخص التاريخ القديم الا انني اقف متحير امام الكثير من الالغاز والعبقرية التي نسج بها المصريين القدماء حضارتهم فيالهم من عباقرة.

  2. He was my father, before. Not sure how many lifetimes ago. Tut, little brother, a political force, this time. I am aware of the timbre of this... Sharing with you all...


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