Listen and Learn: BBC World Service - The Forum podcast - Secrets ofthe Great Pyramid

Listen and Learn: BBC World Service - The Forum podcast - Secrets of the Great Pyramid
"The Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt is one of the greatest wonders of the ancient World. It is the largest pyramid ever built and even today, with advanced satellite and thermal imaging and other high tech science, we don’t know everything about the pyramid- exactly what’s inside or how it was built. To explore the history of The Great Pyramid - also known as the Pyramid of Khufu, after the Pharaoh who commissioned it as his tomb, Rajan Datar is joined by Professor Salima Ikram, Distinguished University Professor and Egyptology Unit Head at the American University in Cairo, space archaeologist Dr Sarah Parcak, a National Geographic fellow and associate Professor at Birmingham University Alabama in the USA and Dr Joyce Tyldesley, an archaeologist and Egyptologist from the University of Manchester in the UK."
In this discussion, three well known Egyptologists briefly discuss various aspects of the Great Pyramid with presenter Rajan Datar.
Note: While this podcast should be available outside the UK, it is in English, and unfortunately there is no transcript for the hearing impaired or for translation purposes.
The talk is approximately 40 minutes long and a 40MB download on high quality.


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