Keepers, conservators and educators: What Curators do

Keepers, conservators and educators: What Curators do
The work of a modern curator is complex and exciting. They conserve, study and share collections at an academic level while bringing their content to new audiences in an accessible manner. In this diary, Dr Campbell Price, Curator of Egypt and the Sudan at Manchester Museum (The University of Manchester) writes about his attendance at the annual meeting of CIPEG (International Committee for Egyptology, ICOM) at the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago on ‘The Role of Curators in Museum Research and Exhibits: Tradition, Change, and Looking to the Future’.

"Increasingly, curators are challenging the colonial context of many collections (especially through the use of archival material) and even questioning the modern construction of a monolithic ‘Ancient Egypt’ itself. It remains to be seen to what extent new thinking and results in academic Egyptology can filter through to interpretation that museum visitors will actually engage with." ~Dr Price.
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