Feature object: Glazed Steatite seal of Sobekneferu, Middle Kingdom

Feature object: Glazed Steatite seal of Sobekneferu, Middle Kingdom
This seal belonged the the female ruler Sobekneferu who came to the throne after the death of Amenemhat IV at the end of the 12th Dynasty. She was most likely the daughter of Amenemhat III and possibly the wife of Amenemhat IV.
She is the first known ruler to have used a compound of the crocodile god Sobek in her name. This god was particularly associated with the Fayum region in Middle Egypt where Middle Kingdom kings had established their capital and undertaken various agricultural improvements, pyramids, temples and towns.
This view of the seal shows Sobekneferu's Horus name in a serekh over hieroglyphs proclaiming her as ruler of Upper and Lower Egypt. It records 4 of her 5 official royal names. Although the seal looks like faience, it is actually a soft carved stone that has been glazed to harden it and give it attractive blue detailing.
Cyclinder seals were rolled over soft clay to make labels and seal for various items, including not only letters, but wine jars and other goods from royal estates.


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