Apply now for a Certificate in Egyptology at The University ofManchester

Apply now for a Certificate in Egyptology at The University of Manchester
EDIT: Enrollments for this course are now closed for 2017, good luck to everyone who applied!
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Gain 120 academic credit points over 3 years entirely online - an academically rigorous course that you can study anywhere, anywhen. The course is currently taught by Dr Joyce Tyldesley and Dr Nicky Nielsen, with guest presentations and lectures from other recognised experts and scholars in the field.
"This three year programme provides the opportunity for the serious, academic study of Egyptology at one of the leading Universities in the U.K. It is led by an internationally recognised scholar and draws upon the important Egyptological collections of the University's Museum and Library. It attracts students of varying backgrounds from all over the world.
The well-established and highly regarded Certificate is taught entirely on-line via the Blackboard e-learning platform. Students are provided with stimulating and attractive learning materials (texts and recorded lectures), and enjoy the opportunity for the structured study of museum collections, tutor support and contact with other students through online discussion groups."
☥ To apply, download and fill in the application form and email it to
Apply here:
☥ Course begins: 01 October 2017
☥ Deadline for applications: 30 June 2017
Image: Ancient Egypt in Artefacts: Unexpected Highlights from the Manchester Museum Study Day Speakers l-r: Dr Glenn Godenho, Dr Nicky Nielsen, Dr Roger Forshaw, PhD Candidate Taneash Sidpura, Dr Campbell Price, Dr Joyce Tyldesley
11th February 2017
via Dr Joyce Tyldesley, (@JoyceTyldesley), Senior Lecturer in Egyptology,
Honorary Research Associate, The Manchester Museum


  1. Good to have this opportunity,but what if you can grant me working permit while studying and paying my fee with what I earn from the work I do

  2. Jabel Kobbina Please read the post carefully. Applications for this course closed at the end of June 2017. No permits are required to study an online course: you do not need to attend in person. I will post about free courses as information is made available to me, so check back often for updates.

  3. OK thanks Aakheperure Merytsekhmet


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