Feature object: 'wavy handled pot', Naqada II period ~ the importanceof Pottery

Feature object: 'wavy handled pot', Naqada II period ~ the importance of Pottery
Pottery is an important component of the archaeological record, it's one of the most common types of find but this doesn't mean it isn't valuable.

Pottery provides important dating information and tells us about who used a site and what the site was used for. Pottery tells us about diet, social trends and stratification, the economy and trade.

The appearance of pottery in Egypt marked an important change in society: to have people specialising in particular crafts like pottery, the society needs to be able to support them doing this job rather than subsistence farming or hunter/gathering. With modern technology and an understanding of materials, in some cases Egyptologists can determine where pots come from by examining the 'recipe' used for the clay, and what they last contained using a scanning electron microscope.

The pot linked below is an early example of a decorative coil formed pot. (These pots were not thrown on a wheel). It features common decorative motifs from the period, boats, figures, animals, flamingos and geometric patterns; some of which we understand and others we do not. (Yet!)

These are some of my favorite pots because they are not yet fully understood. You can click on the link to zoom in on the pot to examine it in more detail.

Title: Decorated Predynastic Vessel - Predynastic, 5500-3050 B.C.
Physical Dimensions: Height: 12 in. (30.48 cm)
Artwork Accession Number: 50.37.10
From the collection of: Los Angeles County Museum of Art


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