Feature object: Oracular papyrus bundle, Third Intermediate-Late Period

Feature object: Oracular papyrus bundle, Third Intermediate-Late Period
When the ancient Egyptians wanted to know what lay ahead, they could consult an oracle. Oracles are first firmly attested in the New Kingdom (ca.1550-1069BCE) but it is likely the practice of asking for divine guidance is much older.

One of the most well documented oracles was the oracle of the deified king Amenhotep I at the tomb builders' village of Deir el-Medina west of Thebes. Although the details of how an oracle was consulted on a day to day basis are not yet fully understood, texts tell us that the oracle of Amenhotep I could be asked questions via his statue as it was carried in processions. The statue would (apparently) indicate the answer to the petitioner's question with a yes/no by 'moving' backwards and forwards.

The god patiently listened to any kind of question, ranging from health matters to business transactions, but usually only the results of questions connected with legal disputes were recorded in court documentation complete with the date and witnesses to the god's ruling. An example of this is an ostracon recording a property dispute (British Museum EA5625 https://goo.gl/UCpdEE) between two villagers. These records were found on papyri and ostraca in a large rubbish pit (which was originally a failed well) at the site.

A chapel dedicated to Amenhotep I and his mother Ahmose Nefertari near the village was also linked to the oracle.

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