About this Collection 2017 edition

About this Collection 2017 edition
This Multi-disciplinary Egyptology Collection focusses on scientific information from different fields, featured artefacts, educational information and news.
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image: Universal Order: Ma'at
Ma’at is the embodiment of Truth, Order, Justice and Harmony
image hieroglyphic text translation:
Hail, Usekhnemt, who comes from Heliopolis: I have not committed sin.
Hail, Fenti, who comes from Hermopolis: I have not stolen.
Hail Amkhaibit, who comes from Qernet: I have not slain man or woman.
Hail Arfiemkhet who comes from Asyut: I have not stolen property of God.
I belong to Ma’at.
Artist: Aakheperure https://goo.gl/EENxxc