Antiquities to be returned to Egypt and a new agreement

Antiquities to be returned to Egypt and a new agreement
Article contains images of Human Remains
"Minister of Antiquities Khaled El-Enany announced that the Egyptian embassy in the United States received in early December four Late Period artefacts while the Egyptian embassy in Switzerland received an ancient Egyptian stelae. On Wednesday, the Egyptian embassy in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) received two Islamic lamps."

Some of the items were stolen in the 1990s so this has been a long investigation. The US government also signed a Memorandum of Understanding to continue to return objects noted as stolen, in line with its policy on antiquities looted from Syria and Iraq. This will help repatriate items stolen, looted or smuggled illegally out of Egypt more easily and, although it will not entirely remove illegal activities, making the disposal of antiquities more difficult is a positive step.

Satellite imaging has shown a huge increase in the number of robber pits in many areas in Egypt and theft is a huge issue facing Egyptologists and local authorities.

You can help by never buying items presented as authentic antiquities, but report them to authorities where possible. There are plenty of beautiful replicas available from museums, art galleries and Egyptian artisans for you to own. Everyone can do their bit to protect this wonderful heritage. :)


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