The Atlas of the Valley of the Kings - maps, maps and more maps

The Atlas of the Valley of the Kings - maps, maps and more maps
(Also pictured: The Complete Valley of the Kings Reeves/Wilkinson)
Part of a selection of books my mother bought me for course work back in 2014, pleased to say I did use it for a paper on on KV17 (Seti I) - which has a number of unique features and firsts in tomb design in the Valley of the Kings (including an incredibly long shaft to nowhere under the burial chamber).
If you have the interest in maps or Egyptology and storage space - the one in the photo is A3 size, then I recommend this book, although because it is a specialist large format book it is fairly expensive.
It does not contain notes or discussion about individual tombs (for that I recommend "Valley of the Kings: The tombs and funerary temples of Thebes West", Weeks (Ed)) but it does contain bibliographies for them and general notes.
"The Atlas of the Valley of the Kings (Study Edition) edited by Kent Weeks
You have seen it in electronic format on this website, and now you can purchase your own copy of The Atlas of the Valley of the Kings! This major work by the Theban Mapping Project is the most complete and accurate set of maps and plans ever published of the Valley of the Kings and its tombs. Combining rigorous accuracy with beautiful design, the Atlas offers plans, longitudinal and transverse sections, and axonometric drawings of every accessible tomb, plus 1:1250 topographic maps of the East and West Valleys and detailed 1:250 maps of major sections of the principal Valley of the Kings. The result of more than 20 years of work, the Atlas is the standard against which all future archaeological maps and architectural studies will be judged. This spiral bound "study edition" is intended to provide the same information as the grander boxed edition but at a lower price and a lower scale. The maps and plans are accompanied by full details of the Theban Mapping Project's surveying techniques, indices to the map sheets, and recently updated complete bibliographies for each tomb. The Atlas is a reference work that every Egyptologist, professional or amateur, and anyone interested in archaeology will want to add to their personal library."


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