The skin of the gods is made of gold...

Figure of Amun - Metropolitan Museum of Art
After spending many weeks looking at this Third Intermediate Period statuette of Amun for a paper, one would think I might be tired of it.

But I'm not! I still think it's utterly amazing! The statuette is small but its detailing is a superb example of the skill of its artisans.

Usually I'm a bit ambivalent of the usually "shiny things" that catch the eye of casual lovers of ancient Egypt, but this piece is very special. The site link has very good alternate view photos, so enjoy!


  1. بحث المصريين القدماء عن المعادن واسخرجوها من باطن الارض و صنعوا حضارة عريقة ابهرت العالم فلا يستطيع احد فعل ذلك وهذا ناتج عن عملية البحث والتجربة


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