Nice interview by Tetisheri with Dr Campbell Price (curator of Egyptand the Sudan) about the recent highly...

Nice interview by Tetisheri with Dr Campbell Price (curator of Egypt and the Sudan) about the recent highly successful exhibition of Animal Mummies at the Manchester Museum.
Personal insights from the curator and some great photographs.

Originally shared by Tetisheri

Animal Mummies exhibition: a retrospective interview with Campbell Price

On 15 April I hopped on the train to Manchester to see and photograph the Animal Mummies: Gifts to the Gods exhibition at the Manchester Museum in its last few days. I also met up with Curator of Egypt and Sudan and my old university buddy Campbell Price to find out how the exhibition has worked out.

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  2. Actually, this is the richest bird in the world. The eagle, hawck is not, for it does not where the next meal is gonna come from (sounds like a human problem). This bird, we call it here in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa "inkankane". It has got a very high pitch infant-like tone and grey shiny feathers. It makes adhaan exactly at the time of Fajr, Zuhr, Asr, Magrib, Eisha and midnight Tahajhudd. Now, look at how God blessed it; for sustenance, it goes to the garden with dead leaves and eat worms, it perches fresh grass pathways, it goes into the muddy side of the rivers not how small the flow, it visits fertile area for fresh worms in Winter or Summer! :)

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