Good things come in small packages.

Good things come in small packages.
This promises to be a very interesting exhibition which was made possible by the generous agreement of Egyptian authorities to loan artefacts for it.

Originally shared by British Museum

At less than 1cm across, this tiny gold amulet from ancient Egypt will be the smallest object in our #SunkenCities‬ exhibition!

It represents the eye of Horus, known to Egyptologists as the wedjat eye. The wedjat eye is half human (the eye and brow), and half falcon (the vertical and spiral elements underneath). This is because it is closely associated with the god Horus, who could be shown as a falcon or falcon-headed man. Amulets in the shape of the eye were very popular in ancient Egypt for thousands of years, from the Old Kingdom to Roman times.

From intricate gold jewellery to magnificent colossal statues, discover more incredible objects in this blockbuster exhibition


  1. Ahmed Aggag For me, the value of cultural objects like these cannot be measured in currency. They belong to all Humanity and we are their custodians who must understand and care for them until they are passed to the next generation.

  2. عين حورس جودة عالية


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