Coffin of Djedmontefanch in high res

Coffin of 'Djedmontefanch' in high res
This wonderful anthropomorphic coffin from the Third Intermediate Period is now available in super high resolution, making the text and decoration easy to view in detail via the Google Art Project and Rijksmuseum van Oudheden.

The coffin is beautifully decorated with intricate flower motifs, vignettes and funerary texts (the Htp di nsw Offering formula is on the lower half in vertical bands beginning on the innermost blue field registers).

With this high resolution photo you can see that this was an expensive coffin belonging to a person of status (he was a priest of Amun). In times when tombs were small and hidden, the Egyptians transferred their art and ritual expressions onto the coffin.
Image: Detail of floral collar decoration

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