Have you viewed artefacts from KV62?

Have you viewed artefacts from KV62?
A million people visited "Treasures of Tutankhamun" hosted by the British Museum in 1972 and I still have an exhibition catalogue, it's rather in need of some conservation work having finally lost its cover in 2015 - a well loved book.

I had the pleasure of viewing items in Melbourne in 2011 at http://kingtutmelbourne.com.au/

Originally shared by British Museum

Tutankhamun’s burial chamber was unsealed #onthisday‬ in 1923. The discovery was an incredibly important archaeological event. Tutankhamun's is the only tomb dating from Egypt’s New Kingdom (c. 1550–1069 BC) to have been found substantially intact. The contents provide an unequalled insight into royal funerary practices, art and craftsmanship of the period.

In 1972 the Museum hosted an exhibition called ‘Treasures of Tutankhamun’, the most popular exhibition in the Museum’s history. Opened on 30 March 1972 by HM Queen Elizabeth II, the exhibition coincided with the 50th anniversary of the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb. The public reaction to the exhibition was overwhelming. Originally scheduled to run for six months, it was extended until 30 December 1972 because of its popularity. A total of 1,694,117 visitors saw the objects – over 7,000 per day. Every day, long queues of visitors stretched from the first floor galleries, where the exhibition was staged, back through the Museum, around the forecourt and colonnade and out onto the pavement. http://ow.ly/Y5k4h


  1. That is an incredible story. I really want to go see what was in his chamber with my own eyes.

  2. Aakheperure Merytsekhmet yes my uncle and cousins have then in a new hamshire college archive


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