Using this blog

This blog focusses on:
Scientific information
Educational resources
Egyptology News
and is written for a general audience. Blog entries may be edited in the light of new evidence or to clarify information.

I am a graduate in Egyptology from the University of Manchester. (All views expressed are my own). When coming up with the 'short' URL for this blog, I chose to add MD for Multi-Disciplinary, because my coursework was of a scientific nature, being conducted first under the Faculty of Life Sciences, and subsequently the Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health.

Studying Egyptology from a scientific perspective informs my choice of topics and how I have presented information here.
Since moving to Blogger, I have added many classification labels to the posts which can be searched via the labels in the sidebar. This is by no means a complete list but it may serve as a starting point, and also inform the reader which spelling I have opted for.

I've added labels to blog entries for: Period in Egyptian history, find spots, significant names, topics and educational institutions to assist those doing research into particular aspects.
A search box is also provided for readers to conduct their own enquiries.

In the main, I comment on, and unpack news stories or other information while encouraging readers to explore further online resources in order to become more widely read and informed on the topic. This may be of some benefit to Egyptology students researching particular sites or following up lines of enquiry using more recent discoveries or resources than perhaps might be currently available in academic repositories such as JSTOR.

As always, I encourage readers to search widely for information and to cross reference where possible.

All comments are moderated to promote constructive educational exchanges and to create a positive environment for discussion.