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Certificate in Egyptology (3 years, credit bearing)
Diploma in Egyptology (2 years, credit bearing)
Master's courses in Egyptology:
MA Egyptology (2 years)
MSc Biomedical Egyptology (3 years)

☥ Gain a general knowledge of the history and civilisation of ancient Egypt from circa 3100 BCE to the Arab Conquest.
☥ Find out how to use source materials in libraries and museum collections and translate simple hieroglyphic texts.
☥ Learn from internationally recognised scholar Dr Joyce Tyldesley, who leads the course and Dr Nicky Nielsen, plus other expert guest lecturers
☥ All course content is delivered online, so you can study from anywhere in the world.

Certificate in Egyptology and Diploma in Egyptology
Certificate: Aspects of Pharaonic history and culture, and includes an introduction to Middle Egyptian hieroglyphs.
Diploma: A continuation of the Certificate programme which considers selected aspects of ancient Egyptian culture in more depth.
Applications close: 30 June 2019.
Commence study: 1 October 2019.
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Dr Nicky Nielsen & Dr Joyce Tyldesley
Masters in Egyptology: Arts and Science
The University of Manchester is launching the world’s first MA programme in Egyptology, to be delivered entirely online. It will be taught by Dr Joyce Tyldesley and Dr Nicky Nielsen and run from the new Department of Classics, Ancient History, Archaeology and Egyptology in the School of Arts, Languages and Cultures.
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There is also now an online MSc in Biomedical Egyptology
Which is currently run by the faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health.

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Former Egyptology online tutor Dr Glenn Godenho (Senior Lecturer in Egyptology, University of Liverpool, and Dr Nicky Nielsen