Feature object: Claw Anklet of Sithathoryunet, Middle Kingdom

Feature object: Claw Anklet of Sithathoryunet, Middle Kingdom
Amethysts were popular during the Middle Kingdom and this gold and amethyst anklet belonging to princess Sithathoryunet was discovered in a niche found beside the pyramid complex of 12th Dynasty King Senwosret II at Lahun (اللاهون) where there are a number of pyramids, mastaba tombs and a town which yielded huge amounts of information about everyday life in ancient Egypt. Also found were other items of jewellery and funerary objects of very high quality.
Lahun is located in Middle Egypt, south east of the Faiyum and is most likely associated with the now lost Middle Kingdom capital of Itjtawy which many scholars believe may lie near el-Lisht.
Amethysts were mined at sites like Wadi el-Hudi, south east of Aswan, from the late 11th Dynasty until the end of the 12th Dynasty but local sources were quickly exhausted.
Note: Lahun is also known as Kahun due to an error by Egyptologist W.M Flinders Petrie.


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